5 Tips To Buy Newborn Essentials Before Your Delivery

New parents often struggle a lot to figure out what’s the best and what’s not. Even the preparation starts from the very first date when they hear the life-changing news. However, if it’s the first experience, you might find yourself confused about various things.

The new mom and new papa are going to be very busy in first 3 weeks because your newborn baby needs a lot of things during this time so it’s better to keep everything ready before baby arrives. To help you, we have mentioned some quality tips to buy newborn essentials before the delivery.

  1. Purchase Unisex Cloths– Gender evaluation is illegal, so you may not be aware whether you are having a boy or girl. That’s may create a confusion as you don’t know which color products you have to buy. If you are not aware if it’s a boy or girl, make sure you buy unisex colored baby products like Orange/Green/White/Brown.
  2. Buy Cotton Clothes Only– Buy the clothes which open in front and which has knots instead of buttons, as newborn is very delicate and small, making him wear clothes is a difficult task. As you know skin of new born baby is very delicate, apart from cotton may be the reason of rashes and other skin issues.
  3. Clean Cotton– Keep tons of the clean cotton clothes, newborn special wet wipes, dry tissues with you. In the start, it is recommended to avoid direct use of water and soap to baby skin as we have mentioned that their skin is too delicate.
  4. Manual Breast Pump & Breast Pads– Keep a manual Breast Pump and Breast pads as during first few weeks, the milk supply is unpredictable. You may need to express the milk, but always try the direct natural breast feeding as it is most important to increase the flow.
  5. Swaddle wraps– Buy a few swaddle wraps before delivery and train yourself to swaddle with the use of a doll. Swaddle wraps are available in different material, so choose the cotton or soft material that won’t harm your baby.

Apart from these, it is necessary to avoid purchasing non-essentials like rockers, prams, feeding chair. Always keep in mind which is the most important thing for both mom and baby before buying essentials as it helps you to reduce the unnecessary expenditure.

If you have any other query or suggestion, do let u know through comment section. We will be glad to offer the experienced advice.