5 Ways to Beat Stress and Stay Healthy

If not managed well, stress can become an insidious issue, not only at work but also in our homes. It can quickly take over and control your emotions. When ignored, stress can derail your relationships, health, and career.

At work, employees can only perform well and avoid costly HR errors when their stress levels are healthy. How can you assist employees to manage stress effectively since stress has often been inevitable in the workplace? Here are simple things workers can rely on to keep stress levels in check.

  1. Prioritize the tasks

Hectic schedules often cause stress. Sometimes you can handle many tasks at work efficiently, but things can become unmanageable over time. For longevity purposes, simplify your schedule by reducing the tasks or commitments to those that are beneficial and essential.

Learn to say ‘no’ when you are too engaged. It assists you to get rid of the extra commitments. Begin by scheduling fewer commitments every day and use the free time you get before another task to refuel.

  1. Meditate regularly

Meditation is a workout that helps you to focus your attention to feel calm while offering you a clear awareness about life. This ancient practice is known for relaxing the body and mind. There are two commonly used meditation techniques: mindful and concentrative.

Concentrative meditation focuses on one sound, image or mantra (certain sung or spoken words), or even on breathing. Mindful meditation, on the other hand, focuses on numerous purposes. It helps you to be aware of your feelings, thoughts, images, and sounds that pass through the mind.

  1. Adopt healthy habits

Main healthy habits that reduce stress are good nutrition, sleeping adequately and exercising. If your body is healthy, your mental and emotional state improves. By getting healthier, changing bad habits becomes easy. For example, when you have a fitness goal, and you work towards it when exercising, it will be harder to take unhealthy food, smoke or consume too much alcohol. Consider practicing these healthy habits even at work.

  1. Keep calm and take a deep breath

This is the easiest and most powerful strategy for fighting stress. Breathing deeply will help you to:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Bring down the heart rate

Each time you are stressed while working, spare some time and take deep breaths through the nose into the abdomen. Consider resting the hands over the abdomen or lower rib cage to cue deeper breathing. A sense of calm is experienced because more oxygen is delivered to the cells of the body, hence helping the body relax.

  1. Live with joy

When you love your life, life will love you back. If you focus on your life by being kind to others, being passionate about all you do, and loving what you do every day (particularly work), you’ll have less stress and more joy. Life is meaningless when you are not happy.

How can you live with joy? Be cautious of the things that make you happy and do them to stay joyous. For instance, if you are passionate about your work, you’ll enjoy working all day hence increased productivity. You will also pass this positive energy to your work colleagues.

To decrease stress you’ll need to be responsible to yourself, your health, your loved ones and your career. Since stress will find a way into your life anyway, consider trying out these tips we have covered to stay happy, healthy and increase output at work.