7 Most Effective Ways to Treat Male Pattern Baldness

After attaining a certain age every men suffers from several health issues. Patterned baldness is one of them. It specifically affects the front and crown portion of the scalp. If the condition has occurred in males then it is known as ‘Male Pattern Baldness’. According to an estimate half of the males around the world who are above the age of 40 years is suffering from this problem. In certain cases hair loss may develop into severe stage with the growing age. And in this stage men would have already lost 70% of the hair. If you are losing 50-100 hair in a day then its normal. Problem arises when there is no replacement of new hair over the ones which have lost. As soon as you realize the shedding of hair, ┬áit is recommended to start the treatment at early stages as follows:

  • Natural remedies: If the hair loss pattern is recent then you may begin with natural remedies. There are numerous homemade and natural cures. Please keep in mind that these remedies are not scientifically proven studies. These might work for the one while might not work for other. Aloe vera gel, flax seeds, coconut milk and oil, licorice root with turmeric (grinded), henna leaves, shikakai, pumpkin seed oil and mustard oil are some of the easily available natural remedies. Consulting doctor before following any of them would be the best option.
  • Super food for hair: Nutritional imbalances will cause deficiencies of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and other supplements). Carrot and sweet potatoes for vitamin A, fish for omega 3 fatty acids, yogurt for vitamin B5, vitamin B7 (Biotin), spinach, vitamin C, chicken, protein rich (beans), eggs fortified cereals, low fat dairy products, zinc rich food (Oysters and lobsters) are some of the super foods for hair. Drinking plenty of water will rejuvenate your skin and hair cells as well. Caffeine free and unsweetened drinks should be used as these will save us from dehydration of skin cells and hair follicles would be able to grow without any hindrance. To facilitate hair growth try to add some or all of the above mentioned foods to your diet.
  • Hormonal balance: There should be hormonal balance for carrying out all the biological activities of the body in a healthy manner. Hair growth is one of them. Physiological conditions such as thyroid is also responsible for hair loss. To eliminate hair loss completely there has to be cure of these physiological conditions. Hair loss caused by hormonal imbalance can be reversed by curing these conditions.
  • Decrease in Stress: Stress can also cause hair loss. To keep your hair healthy and promote their growth try to reduce the level of stress. You can also reduce this by avoiding the factors which trigger stress in life. One should eliminate stress from life regardless of the fact that stress induced hair loss is not permanent. Tension, loneliness, boredom or frustration, accident, etc are some of the factors that trigger stress which ultimately cause hair loss.
  • Medications: If you have tried many home made and natural remedies and found that none of them have proved beneficial for you then you must go for medicines. Minoxidil and propecia are the most effective medications for hair regrowth. Results begin to show with the regular use only. By stimulating the hair follicles these are said to promote the growth of new hair. These have proved to be highly effective and fast to decrease the rate of hair loss in men.
  • Therapies: These days various therapies are available to cure hair loss. The purpose of these therapies is to enrich the scalp with various growth factors so that good hair growth could be promised after the therapy. Platelet rich plasma therapy (https://akclinics.org/prp-treatment/) and mesotherapy are the most common therapies among them. These therapies are painless and doesn’t require any dressing or sedation. If your urge for healthy hair is really big one then try to combine your therapy with good diet.
  • Hair Transplant: Your hair loss is still there even after opting most of the above mentioned ways to cure hair loss, hair transplant is the best option now. In spite of being expensive, hair transplant has become very popular these days. In the modern times we barely have time left for rejuvenating our scalp with natural ways. So, for these cases hair transplant is best suited. “Hair transplant” is a delicate procedure in which hair follicles from one part (Donor site) of the scalp are extracted and implanted on required sites (Recipient site) of the scalp. Thousands of hair can be implanted in one sitting. Thus, hair transplant would prove the most effective treatment for male patterned baldness.

Based on the severity of hair loss, above mentioned were some of the effective ways to treat ‘male pattern baldness’. One should pick them after consulting the doctor and according to the stage of baldness one is going through.