Akumin: Beginning A New Trend With Open And Standing MRIs

While a couple of years ago this statement would not hold true, MRIs are the leading scanning and imaging method used around the world. There are many individuals that think that MRIs are harmful but they actually use the least amount of harmful technology in the medical industry. A handful of the most popular procedures such as x-rays and ct scans use radiation which can be harmful for the body. When you go for an x-ray, you are usually asked a bunch of questions. Akumin physicians know this very well: Are you pregnant or may be pregnant? Do you have any foreign objects in your body? What are they?

The screening questions listed above are mandatory to prevent any additional harm. Although MRIs do use magnetism and require patients to answer similar questions when they undergo an MRI, the risks are not as high.

There has been a significant evolvement in MRI technologies not only to battle stigmas listed above but to make patients feel more comfortable with the process. Traditional MRI machines confine patients to a tight space with little freedom of movement. As you most likely know, to complete a successful MRI, individuals should not move. The image take over a couple of minutes and if the patient moves, the image is blurred. While it is very easy to take detailed pictures of the body using this process, it is equally as easy to screw up the process by moving. While laying down, it can be quite hard to stay still for a couple of minutes. That is why many progressive centres like Akumin are introducing open MRIs and standing MRIs. Both are less confining and give anxiety and claustrophobic patients the chance to breather. Both allow for patients to be scanned in a greater variety of positions allowing patients to have a greater range of motion.

Both open MRIs and standing MRIs are the newest forms of MRIs and are leading the imaging industry. If you want a comfortable MRI experience, contact Akumin using the link provided above. They will not disappoint you with their world class trained physicians.