How To Choose A Quality Fitness Tracker

Ok so you have decided to live a healthier life and utilize the method of wearable technology to help you with the decision. But how to choose a quality fitness tracker? There are lots of different devices available in the market with each different apps, specific functions and specs. The correct device is based on your personal needs whether it is sleep tracking, step counting or heart rate tracking. Not every product does everything. Also the fact is not every health tracker is for everyone. So how are you going to find the best tracker for the life? Below given are a few things you should consider.

Decide your budget:

Fitness trackers come in various range. The latest and recent generation device gives a variety of different features and functions to choose from at a very affordable rate. Also now companies release their 2nd and 3rd latest generation products the earlier released devices becomes cheaper. While all these devices may not work for everything, but with some research you can get the best one for yourself. You will find XiomiMi band, Fit bit Zip, Pivotal Living all for under $50.

What do you wish to track – Standard metrics or something more advanced?

Many fitness trackers records distance, activity and calories. The advanced ones will feature GPS for correct measuring of the distance. Some of the best activity trackers will be able record your heart rate as well.

If your activity is running, walking or hiking then any brand will work for you. And if not your activity contains walking on treadmill, cycling, climbing mountain, or swimming. Make sure that you choose a tracker that can keep the data of the sport you perform most of the time. Sleep tracking is also a very common function. Sleep plays a very important role in giving good health throughout your life. Trackers vary hugely with regards to the information they supply. Many devices have silent alarms as well which vibrates on the wrist to make you get up without bothering your partner.

Does the design suits you?

Trackers come in various styles, shapes and sizes. Design of the tracker is a subjective talk, but also very important. These trackers when came into the market was very chunky and unattractive. But the tech community is hugely grasping designer wearable technology which is both attractive and functional. We wear these trackers constantly so you will want it to look good. While most of the devices are to be wrapped around the wrist, we also get dongles which clip on your clothing and is more comfortable to carry. Whichever devices you choose just make sure you are comfortable with it.

Color display or no display?

The first thing is you need a display to see your progress all the day. Now this can be black and white display, color display or just a few LED lights you will get choices to choose from. One major thing to keep in mind is that sophisticated screens will usually drain the battery completely. Another thing is that you are good without any display as you don’t want to become addicted to checking numbers all the time, the device will then be a distraction. So choose wisely.

Is it water resistant?

While we talk about buying the correct tracker the characteristic of water proof can be a deciding factor for people seeking to buy. You will find no water resistance devices. This is because regulation prohibits fitness wearables to be marked as waterproof. It is because at a certain level in water the wearable begins to leak. So check the manufacturer’s site before wearing the device into pool or shower. Additionally, the more water resistant your device is the better suited it will be for recording multiple activities. Devices like the Garmin forerunner 920XT are some of the best triathlon watches in existence, as they are fully waterproof and can track running, swimming, and cycling with 100% accuracy. The 920XT also has an open water swim mode as an added bonus.


So these are the points to consider and this should be enough to get to close to your fitness tracker which is right for you. But there is one more thing you should check that is the GPS. Trackers with GPS are more expensive than the usual ones. GPS is a great thing but only if you need it. Also pay attention that you don’t buy some cheap plastic which is not good for your skin. Read on reviews of the wearable you are considering to buy and compare the above given points and you will get an complete idea of how they will work for you, and whether they work effortlessly or falls apart in just a week after use.