Is Christmas the Day That Rubbish Clearance Goes Haywire?

According to a Dec 12, 2017 press release by Clearabee, an on demand rubbish clearance company based in the UK, more than half of all Brits, an estimated fifty-four percent of the population, will produce more rubbish on the Christmas holiday than will actually fit inside their rubbish clearance bins. With this knowledge in mind, we must ask, “What will happen to all that extra rubbish?” Where will it go?

At a time when we all hope for peace on Earth, goodwill to all people, and we hope to call upon our best angels, one place all this extra Christmas rubbish ends up is in other people’s rubbish clearance bins! Yes, it’s true. People sneakily put their Christmas rubbish in their neighbor’s bins!

It appears Clearabee commissioned a survey conducted by Opinium of 2000 adult Britons and nine percent of those questioned admitted to having put some of their Christmas rubbish in their neighbors’ rubbish clearance bins. It could be too that the percentage is actually higher, since some people may not want to admit to such shockingly bad behavior, especially around Christmas time!

Talk about an act that could start a neighbor feud that could last for years! Taking Clearabee’s survey as a fair sample of the entire British population, this would mean that approximately 4.74 million Brits have engaged in this impolite, to say the least, practice.

And… it gets worse! Three percent of Brits in this survey admitted to having fly tipped Christmas rubbish clearance at some point, even though they’d be risking a £50,000 fine if they get caught! This would be the equivalent of 4.74 million Brits across the nation having fly tipped their excess Christmas rubbish. According to the results of the survey, people in London and Northeast Britain are more likely than others to fly tip their Christmas rubbish.

About fourteen percent of Brits evidently get so desperate they basically fly tip in their own garden! About twelve percent just allow their rubbish clearance bins to overflow onto the streets and alleyways. Approximately two-thirds of the British population will actually spend valuable holiday time making trips to the tip to dispose of their excess rubbish. So much for quality Christmas time!

So, when we ask the question, “Is Christmas the day that rubbish clearance goes haywire?” the answer would be a resounding “YES!” given the behaviors discovered by this survey.

While Christmas is a time for celebration and being with our family and friends, it’s also one of the biggest rubbish holidays of the year! People wrap Christmas gifts in disposable paper that gets ripped off and immediately binned by most recipients. They buy a lot of pre-made food from the market to save on time and this results in a lot of food packaging that gets binned. They throw parties that includes bottles of spirits and extra food packaging that must be binned or find a new place to go! Some also clean out their cupboards and spare bedrooms to make room for new gifts and their out of town guests.

Is there anything that can be done about this problem? Here are a few tips on how to reduce your Christmas rubbish so you don’t have to go haywire with rubbish!

– Put gifts in reusable Christmas bags. These are much easier to be reused than Christmas wrapping paper and less likely to be thrown away. If you see someone about to throw away Christmas bags, rescue them and reuse them next year or give them to others that will.

– Even better than gifting with reusable Christmas bags, try wrapping your Christmas gifts in something the gift recipient will save. For example, you could use a beautiful scarf or a hand embroidered handkerchief to wrap a present and tell the recipient that the wrapping is part of the gift. You could also use old newspaper and then collect it after the recipient opens the gift and then compost the news paper!

– If you want to have some Christmas candy around the house for the holidays, buy from the bulk bins and take your own containers to the store instead of using plastic bags.

– If you throw a Christmas party, don’t use paper plates, paper or plastic cups, or plastic utensils. Instead, use real plates, real cups, and real utensils that can be used a thousand times over. You can get out the crystal and make it a swank affair or make it more rustic and homey.

– If your rubbish becomes overwhelming and you are tempted in any way to fly tip or put your rubbish clearance in your neighbor’s bin, by all means stop yourself and call Clearabee immediately. They offer a super fast, often same day, rubbish removal service and they offer several options. If you plan ahead, you can ask for one of their many sizes of Beebags to be sent to you.