Health Tips For Cardiac Patients

Tamil Health Tips. Nowadays many open heart surgery and angioblast have become a common problem to pupils. Even small children are also having some cardiac problems. Leading life have become a great struggle for them.

If we give good advice means also they are not satisfied.

The pain after their surgery is not tolerable at all.

Here we can see some health tips for them, and how other than cardiac patients can be healthy we can see it know.

If u are a cardiac patient u must have proper diet control first. Then regular practice of exercise is a must to them. Even they can go walking, jogging slowly and doing regular exercise will keep your body healthier.

Daily after having your coffee or tea it is necessary to take at least ½ an hour walking.

If u are not able to walk means try it for 15 minutes first and increase it step by step by adding 5 more minutes first week and in the next week increase another 5 minutes. So your body will support for that. If you increase at a stretch means your body will won’t support and u will feel tired after walking. So make suit regarding your body condition.

After finishing your walking take rest for some time and do any exercises u know. Not doing very harmful exercises, just do simple exercise. Moving your hands up and down shaking your hip and bending to touch your knees like any simple exercise u can try.

This is good to the people who are doing walking and exercise regularly. Then evening also doctor’s advice to talk a half an hour walking.

Doing proper exercise and walking is not enough you should have proper diet control.

After finishing your morning work u have to take your breakfast in correct time with fresh vegetables, and any fruits.

Eating more vegetables and fruits will reduce your weight. And try to avoid white rice also.

Nowadays many food products like ragi, millet flour are available in super markets. We can buy these flours and make any dish to them.

Try to avoid oil items like vadai, bajji and fried oil items.

This will increase your gastric problem so try to avoid them.

Eat more grains boiled with salt.

For example, we can eat soya, kidney beans, rajma etc etc.

Try to eat these items without frying, its good to add salt and eat them separately.

We should be healthy and make our surroundings like our family members also healthy. So if we follow these steps means we can keep our body healthy. Try to avoid hospitalization, if necessary you can go or else by maintaining proper diet and regular walking and exercise will keep our body healthier.

Avoid eating more spicy items this will take time to digest and it will create some other problems too.

Lotus is very good for cardiac patients.

Just take fresh lotus flower petals, boil water and put the lotus petals and allow it to boil for some more time. Filter it and drink the water it will give relief.

Like this try to make any home remedies and stay healthier. For more Health Tips Online you can read online. (