History Behind the Name Speyer

The name Speyer was founded in Renfrewshire, Scotland. It comes from Old English word “spere”. Today, we know that word as “spear”. It could have originally been a nickname for a tall skinny person and even a hunter that is skilled at using a spear. “Spere” also meant to speak to, to inquire. The surname was founded more specifically in areas of Scotland known as East Renfrewshite, Iverclybe, Strathclyde, and Renfrew. It comes from a dialect of Gaelic and has many different spelling variations. Despite the spelling variations, Scotland is where the name originated. Although some are still in Scotland, the name is more commonly known in the United States and more specifically, in New York. At one point, some of the Speyer family moved to Ireland. One of the first known settlers landed in America in 1754. Following Johann Speyer’s landing in 1754, other individuals from the same background landed in 1846, in 1851, and in 1852.

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Notably, the family name has famous individuals throughout history that have been attached to that name. Lady Leonora Speyer  was an American poet and violinist award a Pulitzer Prize in 1927 for her poetry. She later on died in 1956. Additionally, J. Speyer was an American politician in New York that passed away before the second world war serving Americans. Currently, there is a whole empire built around the name in New York that is dedicated to real estate investment. Family heritage is very important for a lot of Americans especially when they have so much riding on their name. The Speyer name will likely live forever with the empire they have built in New York City. Being one of the most valuable family names in New York, the family is dedicated to helping others and sustainability through real estate development. For more information about the family and their heritage, search the name Speyer or visit the link provided above!