How Proteoglycan Extracted Using Alkaline extraction Technology?

Do you wish to be healthier and heal from joint pains? How about fighting against effects of cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes? Or do you wish to have a healthier liver, smoother bowel movement and maintain a healthy weight? Or, would you want to look and feel more youthful and have better skin?
Our products can fulfil all these wishes!


Profil ® is a next-generation edible film supplement patented worldwide that contains a rich blend of high-purity Proteoglycan extracted using alkaline extraction technology.

It’s a film like supplement, like a thin paper that u put into your mouth, then just melts and dissolves 🙂 It used to be USD$300,000 just to extract 1gram of Proteoglycan. Now this Japanese company ‘ThanksAi Global’ has the patent to be able to extract Proteoglycan at a much more efficient rate and higher purity, so they are able to mass produce into an affordable product for the market. It’s also endorsed by one of the most stringent Japan Medical Associations and won the Japan Prime Minister’s award.

Benefits of Proteoglycan
– make your body generate collagen and hyaluronic acid

– regeneration of cells, become more youthful, repair and rejuvenate the skin, reduce spots, helps with hair loss, skin texture etc

– good for skin conditions like redness due to allergies, ezcema, acne etc

– anti inflammation, which helps to lower the risk of a lot of diseases

– regenerate cartilage so it’s very good for joints and bones, good for osteoarthritis and joint pains as the pain is also reduced with anti inflammatory effect

– prevent the angiogenesis of cancer cells, enhance the natural immune function to attack and eliminate cancer cells and virus infected cells by increasing the NK (natural killer) cells

– high moisture retention – 30% more than hyaluronic acid, more supple and moisturized skin, less wrinkles and pigmentation

– good for fatty liver and obesity as it binds together with unhealthy fat and doesn’t get absorbed into the body

– reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol

– smoother bowel movements, good for inflammatory bowel diseases as it helps to increase the good bacteria in the intestines. Click here to purchase >

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