Is Your Home Toxic?

If you think your home is safe from dangerous chemicals then think again. Inside the conventional American home there are myriad ways for you and your children to get in contact with hidden toxins. As a parent you know well enough how talented kids are when it comes to getting into everything, so take a good look at what you’ve got lying around.

Your home may be packed with toxic products that you might not even consider to be dangerous. But your kitchen cleaner, your laundry detergent and your personal care products might be made with chemicals that could poison a child severely over time when getting exposed to these toxins on a regular basis.

Here is a list of things to watch out for when letting your kid roam your home.

Most likely you will have items in your home such as a crib mattress, a sofa, a baby swing, a television, a computer, a carpet, a cell phone and many more. No matter how carefully you selected these items, there is a high probability that they have all been sprayed with flame retardants.

There are many more healthy steps that you can take to keep toxins away from yourself and your kids such as following a particular diet that prevents toxins from entering your kids bodies. There are also personal care products that do not harm your kids’ skin, but instead enhance their skin health. And of course there are many more solutions.

These chemicals get released in the air and turn to dust. You and your kid either breath in the dust or it gets in contact with their skin. Does your kid like to jump up and down on their bed, or your bed, or your sofa? If they do, this releases even more of these chemicals. Even minor doses of these toxins may lead to a disruption of your kids reproductive systems and affect the development of their motor skills, their memory and their behavior.

To avoid exposure to flame retardants you can opt for chemical-free furniture. Organic wool mattresses are a good solution too. If you can find eco-friendly baby gear instead of cheap Made-in-China plastic products you add further protection to your child’s health.

Don’t be shy to ask a manufacturer abut the ingredients they use tin their product. Most brands are happy to assist you in such matters. As a general rule you should always make sure your kids wash their hands and refrain from putting gadgets like your cell phone in their mouths. This will reduce their chemical exposer significantly.

Remember to keep a clear mind and do not stress yourself too much. Even with the best efforts to keep children away from chemicals in your home, some toxins will find their way into your or your kids body. If this happens read the label of the product and follow the instructions. In the mean time you should provide fresh air or in the case of skin contact place your child in the shower and expose to running water for 15-20 minutes.