Why Meal Replacement Shakes Work? Get What You Need!


When you try to lose weight, you automatically associate that idea to you having a diet. After long hours of intense workout at the gym, what better way to end it off with a balanced meal of protein, fiber or some light carbs that comprise a healthy diet, right? Well, there’s actually a major flaw in that concept because recent studies have shown that dieting causes you to gain weight rather than lose them. You want to know why it may cause you to gain weight instead of getting that insanely fit and sexy bod? There are two causes for this which are stress and binge eating.


When you are on a diet, you make it harder for your body as well as your brain to function well due to increased psychological stress which will eventually lead to higher cortisol production in your body. Cortisol is also called as ‘the stress hormone’ and having a high level of it in your body will make you want to eat more fatty and sugary foods which are the complete opposite of what you are trying to achieve. So basically, dieting leads to stress which increases your cortisol production and makes you have more appetite for unhealthy foods and eventually all these will lead to more body fat.

Binge Eating

Another reason that having a diet can cause weight gain is because most dieters tend to do binge eating. Binge eating is not having a regular eating pattern which may also have episodes of uncontrollable eating. This can be a symptom of compulsive eating disorder and research have shown that those who are on a diet are the ones most likely to be affected by this compared to non-dieters.

So, if diet is not the most effective way to lose weight, what is? Well, the answer to that may vary from person to person, but what’s certain is that a countless number of people all over the world are using meal replacement shakes to not only control hunger, but at the same time, lose weight.

What is a meal replacement shake?

Meal replacement shakes, as the name implies, are shakes used to replace meals. Not really that tough to explain it, right? But ask people what are the contents of it and you’ll get raised eyebrows. It’s also worth noting that a meal replacement, as most people mistakenly compare, is completely different from a protein shake in terms of content and function. Sure, a meal replacement shake should have a sufficient dose of protein but it packs a whole lot more than only that.

By taking meal replacement shakes, you are reducing your calorie intake which is particularly high in your regular meals and replacing it with a well-rounded and more balanced alternative that gives you the nutrients you need for the day while not making you hungry that easily. And since they are supposed to replace your regular meals, they contain vital nutrients, fats, carbs, and protein which is equal to what you get from your meal. They make the formula for losing weight and at the same time controlling your appetite extremely simple. They may replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner and they also contain fiber and more that help in reducing cravings and blocking hunger.

What makes these meal replacement shakes work?

I bet you have been trying to resist asking why do these meal replacement shakes work? What is the magic behind this incredibly satisfying drink? Well, there’s always a logical and scientific reason to everything and we will take the initiative to reveal them to you. So the rule in losing weight is that you should burn a larger amount of calories than what you consume and this is done by taking in less food and moving around more. But considering our easy access to fastfood chains these days, to be easily enticed to overeat is present mostly in our every meal.

And taking a diet is not any of help as well as most of the diet plans fail and can even be counterproductive. Why? Because when you are on a diet, you are restricted too much on pretty much everything, leaving you hungry, deprived, and upset. And in the event that you decide to end your diet, you will just revert to where you were before you even started, eating everything you can get your hands on and binge eat. It’s an endless spiral of struggle yet with no results at all. Fortunately for you, meal replacement shakes can put an end to it! You don’t have to starve or deprive yourself anymore with this.

When is the best time to drink a meal replacement shake?

Enough with the science! When can I drink this? I think I heard you say that. Well, we always go back to the name itself to answer that question. Instead of your regular meals, you may take meal replacement shakes and you can also do that in between meals as a snack. Some people like to have it in the morning as it is very quick to make and satisfying. Just shake it up and then you’re good to go! Some would even have it during dinner or lunch. It’s really a matter of personal preference. But if you would allow us to give a tip, you can have it during the meal which you tend to have the poorest choices of food to eat. So, if you tend to grab a whole box of fries and cheeseburgers during dinner while watching your favourite movie, drink a meal replacement shake instead and deliver yourself from all those unwanted calories.

Is there a best meal replacement shake that I can try?

So if you’re confused as to what meal replacement shake is the best for you, as there are hundreds of choices out there in the market, allow us to discuss what the best meal replacement shake should contain and we’ll let you decide from there. It should contain the adequate amount of carbs, minerals, vitamins, proteins and hunger-blockers to make you feel less hungry while at the same time being insanely delicious and affordable. You should also check the product reviews of that meal replacement shake that you’re planning to purchase just to know if it satisfies other users.


In light of all of these, it is your choice to whether give yourself a hard time in the process of losing weight or opt for an effortless and pleasurable experience while seeing realistic results in no time at all. After all, we’re talking about your own body here. But if your choice is the latter, 18shake is the start of a wonderful journey towards a sexier, fitter you without the hassle and hunger, only comfort and real results.