Is Modvigil A Better Choice Over Modalert?

Modvigil is a modafinil generic pill manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Indian. Modvigil has the same composition as Provigil manufactured by Cephalon Inc. If you are looking for a modafinil pill with similar effect to modalert and half the price of modalert, then modvigil is your best bet. You can find modafinil for sale at many online drug stores.

Are you confused to whether to go for modvigil or modalert? You want to know which is better so you stick with one. Comparing modvigil with modalert is like asking between Batman and Superman who fights better.

Modalert is a branded pill manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals while modvigil is a generic pill produced by HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The ingredients in both pills are the same. The only slight different between both drugs are just scale of production and quality.

The only thing that gives modalert an upper hand over modvigil is that modalert is manufactured by Sun Pham, a world-renowned Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing company with more experience than HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd. No major drawbacks between both drugs.

Nevertheless, the ingredients are the same as they both contain 200mg of modafinil. But, some group of people sees modvigil as a blessing as they tend to buy modvigil over modalert because of its price.

Students most times buy modvigil to enhance their study habit because it is much cheaper than Provigil and modalert. Others that don’t care about price go for modalert because of its brand.

Talking from experience, our customers usually go for modalert because they say it is slightly more effective than modvigil. To them, what is expensive has more value than the cheap ones. Notwithstanding, you can buy modafinil 200mg online in most popular pharmacy stores.

Modvigil Packaging

Modvigil is packaged in a perforated aluminum blister. It is light in weight, and the way it is designed makes it easy to divide. People are praising modvigil for its packaging as being one of the best in the market.

Modvigil Dosage and Recommendations

Just like in the case of modalert, first timers are expected to take 100mg dose. Taking more than 100mg as a first timer can give you negative effects. Modvigil 100mg should be enough to give you the modafinil effects as a first time user.

Old or experienced users can take 200mg to get the full modafinil effects. Even as an experienced user, it is not medically wise to take more than the designated daily dosage (200mg) in a day.

Modvigil Recommended Dosage

  • First time user—a 100mg a day is enough to be taken one hour before target activities.
  • Persons with sleep Apnea—the normal dosage is 200mg dose per day.
  • Those experiencing Shift Word Disorders—take 200mg an hour before the work time for that day.

Modvigil Shipping

You can order modvigil now and the product will be shipped within 24 hours of confirming payment. Payment can be done with any major credit card and your order will get to you between 7 to 14 days’ interval.