Sedona Retreats – A Perfect Refuge For Your Soul

Sedona has become a prime destination for spiritual retreats in the Western US. It is known for its enigmatic energy and spectacular beauty, the region has become more of a hot pot for spiritual seekers and travelers alike. It has been states that God made this work, but he lives in Sedona. And for all those have been already been there, they can verify that there is something about the place that makes it totally exclusive in the realm of spiritual destinations.

The mesmerizing beauty of Sedona speaks for itself, but what has intrigued most people out there is the mystifying energy. As it was first founded by the westerners somewhere in the late 1800’s, there has always been ‘something’ about this place that has attracted spiritual seekers and artists from all around the world. Sedona retreats will surely transform your life to a great extent.

Native Americans have been visiting this place for thousands of years now for spiritual awakenings and vision quests. The Yavapai and Apache tribes settled down in Sedona, and it is known as one of the prime places where the Native Americans practiced the concept of ‘energy charging;’ where a warrior spends hours standing in one place while captivating the pure energies of the earth. Sedona is known to be one of those few places on earth that has ‘energy vortexes.’ Psychics have mapped out four different energy centers in Sedona that appear to be extremely powerful. The four different locations are the Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa.

In the vortex near Cathedral Rock, which many state that is the most powerful vortex, there is big rock garden where the visitors have erected hundreds of small, Zen-like rock towers. You need to step very cautiously around them as you ponder their deeper meaning – very small rocks balancing perilously on the top of bigger ones; a sign of contemplative balance and the incredible power of stillness.

What happen to be more curious about such locations are the trees that surround them. Most importantly is the bark of the juniper tree which usually grows with straight lines along its length. Near the vortexes nevertheless, the straight lines gets spirals, and they seems to tighten the closer the tree basically is to the vortex. It is nearly as if the energy just swirls up through the tree and then vends the bark as it grows. For all those who are looking for proofs, this is just a tangible phenomenon that is quite tough to explain.

Sedona retreat happens to be an incredible blend of all that is Sedona. You will get to have an in-depth experience of Sedona’s power, mystery and magic. Each of the retreat will offer you with plenty of time on the red rocks along with private sessions daily. The retreats are quite affordable and just a perfect example of Sedona’s spiritual flavor.