The Proper Use of Stethoscope

Stethoscope is an instrument easily associated to medical practitioners. It is a medical tool used to listen to human internals such as the heart, lungs, stomach, stomachs and even the blood flow. It can be stated that it is the most common and frequently used tool in medical practice.

All medical practitioners know how to use this instrument, that is why aside from the doctors itself, there are also stethoscope for nurses. With this, even nurses can do initial examination on the patient even without the doctor at present. But just like any other medical tools, stethoscope has a proper way of using so that the findings would be reliable and the longevity of the instrument would be lengthened.

Using a Stethoscope

First, you have to insert the ear piece firmly into your ears and make sure that it is situated directly towards the bridge of the nose. This position will allow you to listen into the patient’s internal organs intently and without external constraints that would affect your findings.

Then, make sure that the tube that connects the earpiece and the diaphragm and the bell is well stretched while doing the examination.

Place the diaphragm and the bell firmly on the human internal organ you want to examine firmly. This way, you will have a direct connection on the health ailment the patient has an issue about.

How to Take Care of Stethoscope

Note that not all stethoscopes are waterproof. You should bear in mind that it can malfunction when directly exposed to water. With that, when the said instrument is not used, it is better that you safeguard it in its case. But just like anything else, it should be cleaned regularly with its designated liquid solution and a piece of soft cloth.

If you sensed that there is something not right with your stethoscope, it is best that you have it checked immediately before it can interfere your findings with your patient. However, you have to make sure that you will be entrusting your stethoscope with the right professionals or to the manufacturer itself.

Stethoscope is a part in any medical practice. It is important and has a very big help to both medical professionals and the patient. With this, it is best that you educate yourself with the proper usage of the said instrument and at the same time how to take good care of it.