Thinking About Natural Allergy Relief?


In the recent decades, incidences of allergies in children have skyrocketed. Many skeptical people will argue that this is a coincidence, but it’s simply not. There are many reasons why natural allergy relief is necessary for us and our children that suffer from them.

Over the past century, a lot of things have changed in our lifestyle that may contribute to sluggish immune systems in children. One of the most notable would be the quality of our fertile soils. After years of industrial farming abuse, our soils have been leeched of bio available nutrients that are absorbed by the crops in the soil and then consumed by us.

Many people suffer from mineral deficiencies from magnesium, silica, and sulfur for this reason.

In fact, sulfur deficiencies have been linked to a dysfunctional immune system, which may contribute to allergy and sensitivity formation. This is especially true for our children if their mother was deficient in silica during pregnancy.

One of the best options for natural allergy relief is supplementing with nutrients that you are deficient in. Products like MSM crystals and diatomaceous earth have been able to cure mineral deficiencies and drastically improve allergies.

This will treat the root causes of allergies and your symptoms, instead of mask them like store-bought allergy drugs will do. These drugs are also addictive and require you to buy more so that you can feel the same as before. This is how the market works: they want you to be addicted to their product so you come back to buy more.

But the truth is that natural allergy relief is very simple and all it takes is some understanding of your unique nutrition and what your body really needs. If it’s a certain nutrient, you should definitely figure out which one it is.

At, we have been trying to start conversations and collect research information to help people figure out why their allergies and sensitivities are so bad. For many, all it took was a simple realization of what was truly causing the allergies at the root.

Please join our conversation and fight to understand what allergies really are and how to naturally treat the foundation their causes in our health as well as our children’s.