Three Quick Reasons Why You Must Immunize Kids

When parents make the bold decision not to allow their doctors to give their children immunizations, they are inadvertently making the kids weapons of mass destruction.

Here is why:

  1. Unimmunized children become the source of infection and can serve as “distributor-in-chief” for germs which the child then spreads to other unprotected children. Such infections could cost those children their lives. Because of the way immunity builds up, children do not acquire full immunity immediately they commence their immunization shots. Also all the shots are given on an age-based schedule. Thus if a child who has not reached the optimal age for a specific set of vaccines gets exposed prior to getting their shots, they could become infected.
  2. An unvaccinated child can set off an epidemic by being the source of the wild form of a vaccine protective germ. If such a child were to spend a few minutes in a closed environment like a daycare center in the winter in North America, that is all it would take to become another modern-day Typhoid Mary. The difference would be that this agent, the child who’s parents refused to immunize, may not be a carrier, but may indeed come down with the disease also.
  3. When children are made to skip their immunizations, they pose an even greater risk to their own immediate family, relatives and children. There is this popular Youtube video narrative of a young lady who developed pertussis and her child was yet under 1 week old. She somehow infected her baby and the infant suffered for the “sins” of her grandparents or whoever was supposed to ensure that her mom got vaccinated against pertussis. Her mother was a dangerous tool and did deliver the payload with precision and accuracy.

You can learn more about the complications of pertussis and more reasons why we must vaccinate our children from the article posted on blog. All the “junk medical science” and myths have been debunked while the propagators of such deceit smile to the bank with their books and blogs.