Top 3 Hair Regrowth Products 2017

If you have ever considered buying an expensive, professional hair regrowth shampoo, you would probably expect it to be made from the best ingredients and give great results.

We have been keeping an eye on the latest developments and have narrowed our search for the best hair regrowth shampoo down to a Top Three, each of which we review in detail. The products have been selected based on their consumer rating and reviews.

Now let us see whos the talk of the town when it comes to taking back your hair.

3. Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Shampoo Hair Growth Therapy

Our choice for Third Place falls on Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Shampoo Hair Growth Therapy, which claims to reach new standards in natural hair care. Consisting of pure natural ingredients, this product is free from Parabens, Sulfates and Harschen chemicals. Its main ingredient comes from the Moroccan Araca tree.

Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Shampoo combines a number of natural oils and herbal extracts that work to mend splitting and damaged hair. It also has great moisturising properties for shine and suppleness and is suitable for all hair types and for daily use.

Unlike other products, Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Shampoo is sulfate free and works great for those who are losing their hair, but it also promotes healthy hair growth as well.  Although, you don’t have to deal with the bad look that comes with most organic shampoos, it does have its own issues as well.  You have to deal with dry hair after using the product. That is to be expected considering that the shampoo is an organic shampoo.  Additionally, the shampoo doesn’t have that great of a smell at all.

According to most reviews, the shampoo does an amazing job when it comes to bringing a silky, smooth result. The best thing about argan oil shampoo, according to customer reviews,  is that it gives fast results.  Just after using it for a day, many were able to notice that the hair loss prevention claims were true, because in just a few days they noticed that they were losing less and less hair when washing.

All in all Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Shampoo is a great product and will help you manage your hair loss and even promote hair growth.  It won’t damage your hair and even though it doesn’t smell that great, it works very well.

2. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge – Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Second place belongs to Ultrax Labs Hair Surge – is one of the hottest caffeine-based shampoos on the market right now.  But does caffeine really work? Ultrax Labs Hair Surge consists of three primary active ingredients. Caffeine, Ketoconazole and saw Palmetto.

Believe it or not, the most innovative ingredient in this shampoo is caffeine. The caffeine found inside Hair Surge has been combined with cocamidopropyl betaine, an organic compound made from coconut oil, while the other ingredients help facilitate absorption.

Many different types of funguses live in our scalp skin.  Most of the time, they’re helpful.  However, hair sprays and other types of hair care products can encourage bad types of funguses to grow.  If fungal overgrowth is causing your hair to fall out, ketoconazole can help.

Saw palmetto is an exciting new herb contained in many new hair loss prevention products.  Native Americans have been using saw palmetto for centuries to treat skin problems and cure baldness and dandruff, but science is just starting to discover how it works.  Experts believe that saw palmetto oil restores hair because it somehow cancels out DHT. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone that causes scalp hair follicles to dry up and die.

Male reviewers report that this product is especially effective around the hairline, where results could be seen after three months. Although this product is marketed to men, it has received most of its positive feedback from women. Many women seem to like its smell and women with curly hair inparticular seem to have good results with Hair Surge.

1. Biofolic Shampoo

The title for best hair regrowth shampoo 2017 goes to Biofolic Shampoo, which received great customer reviews and has been the talk of the industry for some time now. Biofolic builds on a long tradition of eastern medicine and employs the natural qualities of algae, herbs and cereals in order to provide the hair with all the nutrients it needs.

Biofolic Shampoo is made from all natural ingredients with many benefits hair and scalp. The shampoo of seaweed, algae as well as medicinal herbs, containing peptides and bioactive components, that stimulate hair growth. The algae and seaweed contain high concentrations of alginic acid and iodine, which are necessary for the production of keratin, that is needed for growing new hair.

The unique composition of seaweed, algae and 11 medicinal herbs and grains gives the hair all the nutrients necessary for a healthy hair growth.

The active plant components have been extracted using the revolutionary nano extraction technique, which allows to make the most use of raw materials and highest possible absorption in the body.

Biofolic Shampoo also helps against itchiness by removing dandruff and sebum, is non-invasive and has no negative effects on the body.

Its use of natural ingredients, combined with traditional and modern medicinal knowledge and groundbreaking techniques make Biofolic the best hair regrowth shampoo of 2017.