When to Drink Protein Shakes for Effective Weight Loss


Okay, so you’ve got yourself a protein shake that you think will definitely help you in achieving that slimmer, more toned, sexier body that you have always dreamed of. But did you know that drinking it at the perfect moment can boost its effects and can therefore greatly extend the results of your weight loss efforts? In this article, we will put into light the correct time to drink your protein shake to get the most out of it and your money as well.

How protein shakes help weight loss?

First off, before we address when you should drink your protein shake, we will first tell you the scientific reason as to how it helps you lose weight. According to recent studies, increased protein intake supports your weight loss efforts as a whole. By adding high-quality protein into your diet through protein shakes, you can meet your over-all daily protein intake requirement. With this, your body will be able to maintain lean muscles while promoting fat loss especially during workout or exercise. To back this up, a recent study published in the Journal Obesity affirmed that taking protein meals frequently has a positive impact in physical weight loss.

DIY meal replacement options using protein shakes

If you do not have a protein shake from the market or simply can’t afford to buy one, you can still make use of basic ingredients from your very own kitchen to make a Do-It-Yourself protein shake as a meal replacement option. Just mix a scoop of protein, ground instant oats and two tablespoons of coconut, and you’re good to go. You can choose whether you’ll use casein, whey, or soy as your protein. But most researches have proven that using whey during day-time and casein before going to sleep has more benefits than randomly using one at any time of the day.

How to choose a protein shake to help weight loss?

You should be wary of not only the time when you’re going to drink the protein shake, but as well as the type of it to consume. There are different kinds of them in the market with a whole lot of various effects. But if you’re trying to lose weight, you can choose whey protein that has the highest branched chain of amino acids of all natural source from food, casein protein which comprises 80% of the cow’s milk, soy protein, or egg protein powder and pea protein, though they may not be as readily available in your area as the first three.

What factors affect weight loss when consuming protein shakes?

There are several factors that affect the effectiveness of losing weight using protein shakes according to a study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Metabolism. These factors are how long the protein shake was consumed before a meal, the quantity of consumption, the protein source, the meal frequency and the macronutrient composition of the shake.

How much daily protein to consume to optimize weight loss?

There were several studies conducted to support the answer for this, including one in Journal nutrition and nutrition journal, both concluded that the daily protein content for weight loss to be effective is between 1.0 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

When to drink protein shakes for weight loss?

There are different perfect opportunities for you to drink your protein shake to effectively lose weight and they vary depending on whether you are using it as a meal replacement or a snack and as to the amount of food you are going to consume afterwards.

As a meal replacement, when to drink protein shakes for weight loss.

A study published in the nutrition journal found out that protein shakes used as meal replacements have a positive impact in weight loss. Their subjects were given the protein shakes twice daily to replace their lunch or snack and the results after were significant results, especially in the waist circumference.

As a snack, when to drink protein shake for weight loss?

If you are using the shake as a snack, you can consume it in between meals. Some would really choose to do this not only because they don’t want to eat unhealthy foods and snack options, but also because it is very easy to make and delicious as well.

Pre-meal consumption, when to drink protein shakes for weight loss?

There were a few researches carried out to evaluate the effects of pre-meal protein shake consumption prior to a main meal. Subjects were made to take the shake in different time slots before the meal like 30 minutes, 1 hour to 2 hours, exactly 2 hours, 3 hours up to 4 hours before the main meal. The results were unanimous. Appetite and energy intake were reduced on the main meal if protein shakes were consumed prior and satiety levels were increased after the main meal.

Before a buffet, or a large meal, when to drink protein shakes for weight loss

If you are having a hard time controlling and preventing yourself from eating too much of those delectable dishes during parties and events,  you may consume a protein shake 30-60 minutes before going to the party to reduce your appetite and energy intake. You may also add coconut oil to it to further boost the feeling of being full.

Emergency Meals, when to drink protein shakes for weight loss?

Rather than missing out on a meal completely, you may quickly prepare a protein shake for yourself and drink it on the go. This is very handy if you have a hectic schedule and don’t want to miss your meal but you don’t have enough time to sit down and have a regular meal.

Before sleeping, when to drink protein shakes for weight loss?

Only if you are undergoing strength training, you can consume protein shake before sleeping as it can reduce your appetite level the next morning, especially casein. But if you are sedentary, avoid consuming any form of protein prior to sleep.

Before morning exercise

Drinking a protein shake before doing your exercises in the morning can help avoid muscle metabolism. This is also very helpful for those who do their weight training in the morning.


Not only choosing the correct amount and kind of protein shake can help you in trimming down to the body size that you want, but also the perfect time to consume it. This is a very inexpensive, pleasurable and enjoyable way to support your body of the nutrients it needs and at the same time achieving that fit body you have always wanted.